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How to: Core and seed bell peppers

These vibrant orbs are a staple in my kitchen as they add a little zest and spice to almost any dish. Looking at a bell pepper, however, provides no indication of flavor, use, or even how to get to the inside. But fear not my novice chefs, while your technique may need a little time […]

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How to: Dice an onion

Dicing onions can be time-consuming if you worry about perfectly slicing this wobbly orb. Once the onions hit the pan, it doesn’t matter if you sliced them in a perfect square, as they will shrink, stick, and meld with everything else you thrown in. Plus, spending too much time slicing and chopping onions brings menacing […]

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How to: Slice an avocado

   We’ve all been there: that mess – unintentionally reminiscent of guacamole – on the floor, pit under the fridge, knife in one hand, and avocado mush on the other. Yes, slicing an avocado can be tricky and downright disastrous, especially when using a dull knife. This easy-to-learn technique, however, will have you slicing and […]

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