How to: Slice an avocado


We’ve all been there: that mess – unintentionally reminiscent of guacamole – on the floor, pit under the fridge, knife in one hand, and avocado mush on the other. Yes, slicing an avocado can be tricky and downright disastrous, especially when using a dull knife. This easy-to-learn technique, however, will have you slicing and dicing avocados with a smile. Not to mention it will ensure that someone other than the dog gets a sampling of your guacamole.


Whole avocado

Paring knife

Cutting board


1. Place whole, unpeeled avocado on cutting board. Firmly grasp, thumb on one side, pointer and middle fingers on the other. With a paring knife, slowly pierce the skin of the avocado, bringing the knife to a slight angle (about 45°). Slide the knife from end to end, making sure to slice all the way to the center and pit. Repeat on second side.

2. Hold the avocado horizontally, placing one hand on each side. Gently push each side together and twist to pull halves apart.








3. To remove the pit: Make sure your knife is adequately sharp (if it’s not, this is a good test). Hold the knife horizontally above the pit. In a controlled motion, smack the sharp edge of the knife into the center of the pit, digging in until the knife fits snug. Jiggle and twist the knife/pit until it comes loose; remove and set aside.

4. Gently hold one half of the avocado in the palm of your hand – cupping it like an egg. With a paring knife, vertically slice the avocado into 5 to 6 slices.









5. Turn the avocado to a horizontal position and evenly slice – crossing the vertical cut marks – end to end. Loosen outside edges with knife.









6. Using a spoon and using outer skin as a guide, scoop under fruit until the fruit easily slides away from the skin. Repeat with second half.

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