How to: Core and seed bell peppers

These vibrant orbs are a staple in my kitchen as they add a little zest and spice to almost any dish. Looking at a bell pepper, however, provides no indication of flavor, use, or even how to get to the inside. But fear not my novice chefs, while your technique may need a little time to perfect, once you’ve chopped one bell pepper you’ve chopped them all. See below for an easy method of prepping bell peppers.


Whole, rinsed and dried, bell pepper
Paring knife
Cutting board


1. Hold the paring knife at a 45° angle facing down. With your other hand, firmly grasp the bell pepper stem-side up. Pierce the pepper about one-half inch to one inch from the stem. Cut in a circular motion around the stem until the top portion of the pepper comes loose. Discard the core and shake out seeds.

2. Once most of the loose seeds have been removed, grasp the bell pepper hole-side up. Slice down the middle into two equal halves of bell pepper. Scrape away the remaining seeds and white flesh along the inside walls













3. Now you’re left with relatively flat sections – slice, dice, or chop away! Get creative and cut into different shapes, like triangles, to add pizzazz to your stir fry or salad.

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Author:Sarah Haughey

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