How to: Core and seed bell peppers

These vibrant orbs are a staple in my kitchen as they add a little zest and spice to almost any dish. Looking at a bell pepper, however, provides no indication of flavor, utility, or even an idea of how to get to the inside. But fear not my novice chefs, here is an easy method of prepping bell peppers so they can be a staple in your kitchen too. 



How to: Dice an onion

Dicing onions can be time-consuming if you worry about perfectly slicing this wobbly orb. Plus, spending too much time slicing and chopping onions brings menacing tears to even the driest of eyes. So, avoid that painful sting and hand cramp by learning this simple trick to dice onions in about a minute and a half.



How to: Slice an avocado

Slicing an avocado can be tricky and downright disastrous, especially when using a dull knife. This easy-to-learn technique, however, will have you slicing and dicing avocados with a smile. Not to mention it will ensure that someone other than the dog gets a sampling of your guacamole.



Kitchen Essentials

Before tackling any recipe, a home chef must have an exceptionally stocked pantry. From cookware to spices and refrigerator staples this list has it all. Don’t be daunted by the number of items, everyone knows Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. Start with the most essential and add as your palate and passion grow.

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