Apple Maple Pork Chops

This pork chops recipe epitomizes the fall season – the tender meat is topped with a sauce of cider vinegar, maple syrup, aromatic herbs, and buttery cinnamon apples. Pork chops can easily dry out, but pan searing/browning before baking locks in the juices, ensuring the slightly tough meat tenderizes in the oven, making for a melt-in-your mouth chop through and through.



Maple-Mustard Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is about the leanest meat you can find, making it a great healthy option for meat lovers. Don’t worry, healthy is not bland; this dish is bursting with flavor and, not to mention, easy to craft! Tender pork is coated with spicy Dijon mustard then baked to perfection before being topped with a molasses-like sauce of tart apple cider vinegar, sweet maple syrup, and a touch of herbal sage.

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